Aim & Scope

  • Berlin Studies Transnational journal of science and humanities - is an online, open-access, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal offering scholarly articles about the achievements, problems, and prospects of Historical sciences, Economic sciences, Philosophy sciences, Philological sciences, Legal sciences, Pedagogical sciences, scientific sciences, Sociological sciences, Polystyrene sciences, Islamic science.
  • The journal publishes empirical research, literature reviews, theoretical articles, and book reviews in all aspects of the above topics.
  • Studies from diverse methodologies, including experimental studies using group or single-subject designs, descriptive studies using observational or survey methodologies, case studies, and qualitative studies, are welcome.
  • High technical quality in the design, implementation, and description, as well as importance to the field is required to be reviewed and published in the journal.
  • All submitted manuscripts must be original, previously unpublished or must NOT be under consideration for publication elsewhere.